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  • I just got my Snowshine Sports Shiner bag. It is still summer here in Iceland so at the moment I am using the bag for my roller blades, hockey gloves and extra clothes. It is really easy to clip the skates on and off the sides of the bag. The main chamber of the bag and the opening into it is really spacious so I can fit everything comfortably in the bag. The bag is meant to be water resistant so I am excited to try it out in the Icelandic winter where the weather is constantly changing. I will for sure be testing it for my pond hockey gear as I head out to play hockey on my frozen craters! -Úlfar J.A. 
  • The Shiner bag holds so much gear. I can keep stuffing and stuffing this thing. It's so durable! -Hyde B.
  • I love the Shiner Backpack! I remember testing it out last winter while I was on an ODR. My shoes and other items inside the backpack were dry despite it snowing for three hours. I was impressed that everything inside was dry which made it nice when changing back into my shoes and other winter clothes. A lot of space, great for traveling. -Arthur T.
  • This product is very well constructed, the materials are very sturdy. You'll know every material that you touch. The stitching to keep all of it is very well crafted. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of space in the main storage pocket. The cinch top is a little stiff until you break it in, meaning for the best experience you're gonna need to use this a lot. The other nice part about that is the fact that it's designed to be used. I have to say that I am very impressed by the quality of the product given the price. -Dillon N.
  • The Shiner from Snowshine Sports is my new favourite backpack! I’m taking it everywhere with me, from the rinks, to the ponds, to the mountains, to the beaches, to infinity and beyond.
    When it arrived I couldn’t believe the size of it & the amount it could hold, a full juniors ice hockey kit could easily fit inside! They could even carry it themselves due to the comfortable supportive shoulder straps.
    The Shiner would be perfect for coaches who need to carry their skates, whiteboard & all their other equipment easily & conveniently. All in one bag, just grab it & go!
    Personally, my Shiner will be used for hockey, roller hockey, camping, wild swimming & paddle boarding. I’m impressed with the skate pockets, carrying these bulky items at the sides means your main pocket is free for all your other equipment.
    Don’t let the brand name “Snowshine Sports” trick you into thinking The Shiner is only for Winter pursuits, The Shiner really is ideal for any activity! - Chloe Y.
  • Not only does this bag fit all my hockey gear, it takes away the hassle of dealing with a bulky hockey bag by fitting right on my back. I can also take it on weekend trips and easily fit everything I need, then come home for a quick transition back to hockey. I’ve even used it to carry my puppy around who can’t always finish longer hikes. It’s so difficult to find a bag that works for everything and the versatility and durability of this backpack are what make it stand out from others. -Sam M.
  • The Shiner has plenty of space to fit all your typical hockey gear. The backpack is made out of quality materials built to last. As for design, the bag is aesthetic and stylish. It’s also very versatile and you could take it on any adventure! I would highly recommend this product! -Zander F.
  • The backpack right off the bat looks great. Lots of compartments for all your needs. I would 100% recommend this to a skater for the ODR season or even the summer for your rollerblades! Great backpack, great material and great people! -Alex M.